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Pro Projects, Project Management Services

To successfully complete any project it is vital to appoint a professional project manager early in the development phase to roll out the project on your behalf.

From inception to completion, the assistance of Pro Projects expertise will prove invaluable to ensure the success of your initiative. Let Pro Projects manage for you the critical issues with high risk factors that are involved in every large construction project.

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Projects Phases:

Every project involves various phases in which project management expertise plays an essential role. The main phases to be project managed include:

Project Management Services

As Specialist project managers

• Interpret plans and estimate costs and quantities of required materials
• Plan construction methods and procedures
• Co-ordinate the supply of labour and monitor worker productivity and safety
• Determine the labour requirements and oversee the performance of all trade contractors
• Co-ordinate the supply of materials and the use of tools and equipment
• Supervise construction sites
• Direct site managers and sub-contractors to ensure good building performance with no compromise of quality and cost
• Prepare cost estimates and documentation for contract bids
• Control payment to sub-contractors by valuation of completed works
• Ensure that building regulations, safety standards and by-laws are being carried out in all building operations
• Consult with architects, engineers and other technical workers to ensure design criteria are being met
• Be alert and available to manage all possible emergencies on site
• Ensure that all plans are approved before construction.

With Pro Projects by your side and with our vast experience in packaging and managing a development, we will reduce your risk in developing and help secure a sound investment for yourself.

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